Our Irish newspaper collection continues to grow every month, and we've added over 1.5 million additional articles for you to explore since our last round-up.

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The latest updates include one brand new newspaper, the United Irishman. This staunchly nationalist title ran weekly in 1848 until it was suppressed under the Treason Felony Act and there are over 800 articles to explore from it on Findmypast.

As well as the new addition, 8 existing newspapers from the collection have been supplemented with extra articles and date coverage. They include Dublin Daily Express with 1.4 million new articles, Dublin Daily Nation with over 124,000 new articles and The Ulsterman with almost 28,000 new articles.

The entire Irish newspaper collection now stands at over 15.9 million fully searchable articles and covers over 240 years of Ireland's history (1708-1950). You can explore this veritable treasure trove of Irish family history by date, location, newspaper title and article type, making it quick and easy to find what you're looking for.

Were your Irish ancestor's making headlines hundreds of years ago? Check back regularly to find out as we add more articles and newspapers to this ever-growing resource.