Our fascinating collection of historical British newspapers continues to grow each month and since our last round-up, we've added over 3.4 million fully searchable new articles. These include 8 brand new titles as well as the addition of more articles to 47 existing ones.

Brand new to the line-up are a range local and regional titles from all over the United Kingdom including three Scottish publications – two from Aberdeen and one from Glasgow.

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On top of the new publications, there have been generous updates to titles already in the archive, increasing their year coverage. These include over a million new articles added to Sheffield Independent and over 240,000 to both London Daily News and Manchester Evening News.

See below for a list of the 8 newest titles in the collection and the years they cover as of 14 December 2015:

Aberdeen Free Press– 1855, 1869

Aberdeen Herald and General Advertiser – 1844, 1846 - 1852

Glasgow Constitutional - 1853, 1855

Illustrated Berwick Journal - 1855 - 1871

Kentish Mercury - 1839

Stockport Advertiser and Guardian - 1842

The People - 1939, 1940

West Somerset Free Press - 1870 - 1871

Is your family's city, town or village featured in the British Newspaper Collection? We update it all the time so check back regularly as more and more discoveries are just waiting to be made.