The world of family history is becoming increasingly high tech. Genealogists no longer need to physically visit archives to browse them, with websites like Findmypast offering virtual access. If they do visit, they do so with portable scanners hanging from their belts and tablets in their hands, tapping away as they commit their family history to the cloud.

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Perhaps the most space-age development in genealogy in the past few years is that of the home DNA test. DNA testing can tell you more about your origins than ever, including where in the world your family are from, any genetic traits and even who you're related to around the world. It's almost literally magic, and now we're giving you the chance to win just such a test!

Thanks to our friends at FamilyTreeDNA, we're giving away three Family Finder tests. These tests can tell you where in the world your family is from and, thanks to a massive database, who in the world you're related to, thus opening new avenues of investigation and clearing up any mysteries you might have had.

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