Day three, and a sense of resignation has settled over the content team. To everyone's relief, Alex actually ate breakfast today (dry toast), which should hopefully avert the kind of noon desperation which sees an adult man consume forty cocktail sausages (see yesterday's post). Amy continues with authentic parsimony, and is looking forward to the remains of her Monday casserole for lunch. Megan is now the proud owner of miniature Tupperware for her daily oats. Jim is mourning the paucity of flavour in last night's shepherd's pie, and I would cheerfully commit all manner of violence for a Pepsi Max.

Oh, and Lent begins today.

Start discovering your own history today

While Roman Catholics relaxed strict observance of the season during World War 2, one suspects that "strict observance" was a term which carried a little more weight in the forties (please, if you have any anecdotal evidence to support/disprove this assumption let us know!). So even Lent lite probably entailed a degree more restraint than we're used to, particularly considering that so many of today's beloved indulgences (like Pepsi Max gahhhhh) didn't exist in the first place.

Nevertheless, when the idea of sacrificing further luxuries was floated earlier I'll admit the reception was lukewarm at best.

Still, the perhaps unfortunate timing of our historical experiment aside, everyone is doing VERY WELL. Last night Amy and Megan made a cracking effort at wartime pancakes, serving them variously with a slice of orange (Amy) and her entire remaining bacon ration (Megan).

Amy's Crêpes à l'orange

"I'd have it again," enthused Amy.

Megan's (unadorned) pancake

"Everyone else's looked nicer," said Megan.

(Many thanks to the Findmypast Facebook crowd for the recipe!)

Stomachs are starting to rumble again, but we've got our lunchboxes at the ready, and will doubtless be eyeing each other's fritters before too long. As I typed that I actually overheard Amy declare: "I'm giving up, it's time to eat".

We'll update you later as to how we're all doing! As ever, if you have any tips for this hapless bunch of history obsessives, please do let us know in the comments below.

Our perception of food and rationing begins to change on Day 4...