Over the past month, our newspaper collection has grown again with the addition of 8 brand new titles.

Since our previous update, another 8 historical newspapers have joined the site, covering the length and breadth of Britain.

What's New?

Our newest papers come from London, West Sussex, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Cheshire and Somerset, as well as a couple of new titles from Scotland and Wales. The below information lists each new titles' name, the number of articles added and the years it currently covers and is correct as of 29 September 2017.

Denbighshire Free Press - 156,487 articles covering 1884-1895, 1898-1910

Worthing Herald - 595,907 articles covering 1937-1957

Paisley & Renfrewshire Gazette - 233,323 articles covering 1875-1876, 1878-1908

Chard and Ilminster News - 233,362 articles covering 1875-1886, 1888-1910

Winsford & Middlewich Guardian - 441,775 articles covering 1875-1887, 1889-1895, 1897-1904, 1907-1910

The Atlas - 148,532 articles covering 1826-1852, 1855-1869

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard - 423,544 articles covering 1837-1874, 1876-1896, 1900-1910

Whitchurch Herald - 26,766 articles covering 1875, 1879, 1889, 1897-1898

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In all, we've added over 2.2 million new articles, which are all fully searchable. Use them to uncover previously unknown facts about your relatives and the world they lived in.

Our newspaper collection continues to grow on a weekly basis so even if your local publication is not available yet it's always worth coming back and checking for it from time to time.

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