The value of census records + the power of hints = a flourishing family tree.

Hints have proven a tremendously useful resource for Findmypast members . They've helped thousands of you come closer to solving family mysteries, and when combined with census records, essential for genealogy, they can be exceptionally useful.

Census Hints Can...

  • Provide automatic suggestions of up to 3 record hints per person from across all of Findmypast's millions of census records
  • Try to match a family unit from the tree against families recorded in the census records, rather than just person by person

Everytime you add or amend a someone on your Findmypast tree, our hints will get to work, searching census records as well as birth, marriage, death and parish records and the 1939 Register.

The Power of Census Hints

  • Census hints are important because of the wealth of information that is held on a Census collection, as opposed to the basic Birth, Marriage and Death records
  • They provide details of all family members, as a unit
  • They give you the ability to easily add missing family members to your tree with only a few clicks
  • ... And they extrapolate all the information from the records into organised facts
  • The Hints include all the source information with the facts
  • You can add alternative facts and edit facts

How Are Census Hints Useful for Beginners?

The birth, marriage, and death registrations become quite limited once you reach back to 1911.The ability to match with a census record from 1911 will open up your knowledge of the whole family, and help you match with a much broader spectrum of both ancestors and descendants. Soon, you'll have found more lost cousins than you'll know what to do with!

You can learn more about how to use Hints here in this dedicated help post.

We hope that you continue to enjoy using Hints, and that they prove very useful as you build your family tree.

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