This week we've added images to eight exciting publications in The PERiodical Source Index (PERSI). In total, we've uploaded 28,600 images in this update.

The eight titles updated with new images are as follows:

* Families – volumes 10-51 (1971-2012)

* NewsLeaf – volume 42, numbers 1, 3-4 (2012)

* Missouri Historical Review – added images to volume 18, numbers 2-4 (1924)

* Newport Historical Magazine – volumes 1-4 (1880-1884)* Nantucket Historical Association Bulletin – volumes 1-3 (1896-1913)

* Minnesota Historical Society Collections – volumes 2-7, 9-15 (1860-1915)

* Michigan History Magazine – volumes 1-7 (1917-1923)

* Medford Historical Register ­– volumes 1-26 (1898-1923)

If your research pertains to Ontario, Canada, or to the states of Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, or Rhode Island, then these image additions will be of great help to you.

We are excited to announce the addition of images to two publications of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS): Families and NewsLeaf. Families, the journal of OGS, is printed four times a year. Issues include scholarly articles on a wide range of subjects, columns offering advice on personal family research, and reviews of genealogical books and resources. NewsLeaf, OGS's newsletter, includes updates and news of OGS including recent additions to their library.

You can find a comprehensive list of periodicals that have had images here.

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