We specialise in British and Irish family history, but we also have global records your ancestors may appear in. If so, here's how to find them

World travel and migration is not a new phenomena. People have moved around the globe for hundreds of years, and those journeys have left behind significant record collections that are perfect for family history research. Let us share the best global records with you, along with some expert advice on what you can expect to find and how to find it.

WATCH: Expert Advice on Searching International Records

United States & Canada

There are our best collections for tracing ancestors in North America.

United States Marriages - A premium resource of millions of essential US marriage records, updated regulalrly with new additions.

PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) - Findmypast is now the only place you can search this comprehensive collection online. It contains a vast array of publications relating to family history and is particualrly useful for tracing family stateside.

United States and Canadian Censuses - These essential family history collections are the gateway to the rest of your North American family research.

Australia & New Zealand

Use these to uncover your family connections down under.

Electoral Rolls - Most Australian and New Zealand census records don't survive. Electoral rolls are widely used as substitutes and provide similar details.

ANZAC Collections - Trace brave ancestors who served in the Australian and New Zealand armed forces in over 1 million military records.

Crime and Convict - If your relative was transported to Australia or New Zealand as punishment, or misbehaved whilst there, you could find details of them in our detailed collections.