Findmypast user Mary Fulton got more than she bargained for when she spotted her father in the 1939 Register

I was surprised, and delighted, to find my father in the 1939 Register. He was born in Scotland but moved to the States in 1925 aged 13, as I found in the New York Passenger Lists & Arrivals.

My father, Morris, in the New York Passenger Lists

At outbreak of war I knew he had paid his passage and come over to England to join up. I had no idea when this was. Clearly it was before September 29, 1939 as there he is in the 1939 Register, living with his uncle Matthew in Surbiton.

My family's household in the 1939 Register

By finding Matthew Morris Fulton and his wife Lillian I was able to trace the, until then, somewhat elusive Fulton family tree, and connect my tree to a whole new side of my family."

Mary isn't the first and certainly won't be the last person to use the Register to find out previously unknown details about their family. As you'll see from the short video below, even celebrities are getting in on the '39 action.

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