Dear findmypast member,

As well as working on some significant site upgrades (to be released early next week), this week we’ve been focussing on improving our British record sets.

Unfortunately, when we moved our record set forms to new findmypast, some of them gained or lost search fields. We received lots of feedback on this issue, so we’re working through each of our record sets. We’re reviewing the search screens, results fields, order of results and transcriptions and fixing any issues we find. It’s a big job, but we’ve prioritised the sets that are most important to you (births, marriages and deaths records, and census records first) and we’re pushing them live as we go. I hope that you may have already noticed some improvements.

We’ve also published new records as part of our 100in100 campaign, including New York marriage and death records, Irish census survivals and pension searches (which can be a useful substitute for non-existent census records) and some fascinating British military records that show post World War 2 soldiers in action.

We are delighted by the interest in our User Participation group, which now has almost 100 members. If you would like to join the group and help shape the future of findmypast, please sign up by emailing Of course, you can still post your ideas and vote on those by others at our Feedback Forum, or you can get in touch with me directly at I may not be able to respond to every email, but I am reading every one.

We continue to work hard to improve the site, and will be releasing some major developments very soon.

With thanks for your continued support,

Annelies Van Den Belt