My name is Paul Dunlop. I’m the Product Manager for findmypast, a role I’ve been enjoying for the past six months. At the turn of the New Year, and as we settle into 2014, it feels like the right time to start a more open, two-way dialog with you, so I’m here today to talk about how we want to do that, and a little about some of the exciting things we have planned for 2014.

Today, findmypast is launching a new tool, the findmypast Feedback Forum. The forum will allow you to share your thoughts and ideas about the site with us, as well as with other members of the findmypast community. It contains lots of useful help and advice, it will try to answer questions you have about using the site, and about features you may not know exist. The forum is accessible on every page of the site, simply by clicking on the small Light Bulb icon in the bottom right corner, or through Help and Advice in the navigation, under the Feedback Forum option.

The forum will allow you to see what other members are asking about, cast votes in favour of features you’d like to see, post questions about existing parts of the site, and, just as importantly, allow us to update you about when we might launch some of the new ideas you have suggested. I believe that open, two-way dialogue with customers is vitally important if we are to deliver a service which meets our customer’s needs. I hope that this new forum will be just the start of making that a core part of findmypast.

I plan to regularly post updates here, to tell you about our plans, and about new features. I also want to hear from you; your valuable feedback on what we’re doing well, and more importantly, where we can improve things. So I hope you’ll take a few minutes to go and check out the new Feedback Forum, I can’t wait to hear your ideas for how we can make 2014 the best year ever for findmypast and its customers. As for what we have planned for the rest of the year, this will be the space where we will soon be announcing new features and initiatives. It’s a little early to go into details, but we have some exciting plans for 2014, including the imminent release of the British in India record sets. So please check back regularly to find out more.

Thanks, and here’s to a great 2014!