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1. Separation of Church & State

In response to requests from subscribers, on 11 September 2017 we split birth, marriage, death (BMD) and parish search result to give you the ability to control the number of results you see, making it easier to find what you're looking for.

Multiple subcategories can also now be selected within the search form.

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2. Adding a County Drop-Down to UK Search Pages

This is a really exciting release that will greatly improve your search experience by allowing you to narrow down results and find the records you're looking for. To see the county dropdown, first of all select a country on the search form.

You can then browse for a county and select one of the options or multiple.

You can also find a county by starting to type and then selecting it when it appears just below the search field.

It is possible to search more than one county at a time.

You can also add a town/village, etc. in the location box.

We have also included synonyms for the counties. For example, Lincolnshire is divided into 3 parts (screengrab below). Or Somerset is also known as Somersetshire. When you search for a county, all county synonyms are included.

Initial Feedback

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