In celebration of the 10th birthday of celebrity genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are? Findmypast and Wall to Wall are delighted to announce Who Do You Think You Are? Story, a website that will allow fans of the show to create a personalised, visual journey through their family history - absolutely free of charge.

 To create their Story, visitors to the site just need to enter in the details of their immediate family, going as far back as they can, along with any family photos they may have. Once this information has been entered, an animated retelling of that family story will be played out, interspersed with significant contemporary issues that would have shaped the way people lived at the time.

Designed for everyone from novice to seasoned genealogist, Who Do You Think You Are? Story draws information from Findmypast’s extensive archive of historical records, British newspaper cuttings, exclusive images, war records and numerous other sources that will help to breathe life into your family history.

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