It’s now 75 years since rationing began in Britain during World War 2. To mark this anniversary - and acquire a slightly better appreciation of what our families went through at the time - some of the Findmypast team have volunteered to live on wartime fare for a week.

We’ll be keeping you updated on how our 21st century constitutions adjust to the diet (which we anticipate consisting mainly of baked potatoes and national loaf), and sharing some recipes we’ll come up with using our meager food allowance.

We’re going to try to prepare ourselves for the experiment by getting into more of a “1940s” mind-set over the next few weeks. We’ve got a bit of an idea of what we can look forward to, thanks to this American film describing the privations endured by their cousins across the pond…

…but we suspect there were probably a few details they omitted! Did you live through rationing? Or do you remember your parents’ or grandparents’ stories about what they went through? Please us know in the comments and share your stories, we’d love to hear about your experience!