The Dorset parish marriages are marriage records made and kept by the Church. Over 191,726  records have now been added to Findmypast's existing  collection of Dorset parish marriages, taken from the  registers of around 339 churches, chapels and Quaker Meetings within the county.

Parish marriage records are invaluable as many list the parents of the bride and groom; this can be crucial to discovering information about the previous generation. They also allow family historians to go further back in time than most other records as Parish records begin in 1538, long before the introduction of the civil registration of births, marriages and deaths in 1837.

The level of detail can vary, but the records usually contain the full names of the bride and groom, their ages, their home parishes and the date of their wedding. Some later records can include the names of witnesses (often family members), the names and occupations of the bride’s and groom’s parents, the occupation of the groom, and the couple’s previous marital condition.

Dorset is a rural county in the south west of England, bordering the English Channel coast. On the west it borders Devon, with Somerset to the north west, Wiltshire to the north east and Hampshire to the east.

The Dorset parish marriages are a result of the hard work carried out by the volunteers at Somerset & Dorset Family History Society.