Discoveries The Remarkable Story of My Brave Anzac Ancestor

Through Findmypast I found a private letter from Lieutenant H.V Throssell to his commanding officer commending the efforts of my great uncle. He spoke about my great uncle for years after the war as he toured Australia recalling the moments resulting in his Victoria Cross award. It fills me with pride to know that one of Australia's bravest men commends my ancestor for his bravery!

Discoveries Tom Hardy's Wayward Ancestor

We have uncovered records detailing the rather colourful life of actor Tom Hardy's great-great grandfather, Edward Joseph Egmore, who travelled to Australia in 1884 after abandoning his wife and child (Tom's great grandfather) in the UK

Our records My Favourite Findmypast Records...

The newspaper archive is my favourite because I have actors in my family tree. The only way to find them is to search the newspapers for reviews and then go through all the possible variations of the surnames they might be using in the area given for the dates. I have found so much about them simply through this archive.