The Devon, Plymouth & West Devon Land Tax and Valuation Records 1897-1949 contains over 249,000 records.

The records will provide you with a location of your ancestor's home as well as a description and will allow you to discover if your ancestors owned a public house or if they lived on an orchard. The records will also give you the value of the land as this was used to determine the rate of tax and poor rate to be paid to the local parish or borough.

Each record includes an image of the document from the Plymouth & West Devon Record Office and a transcript. Most transcripts will include your ancestor's name, the location of the property, whether they were the owner, occupier or owner/occupier, and the year the records was taken. Images will include further descriptions of your ancestor's property such as wither it was used as an inn, public house, shop, cottage, orchard, etc. They will also reveal the street name and precise location of the property, its size and gross value, and the poor rate paid on that property.