During a time of uncertainty for the nation, Brits are taking greater pride in their regional identities than they are in being British

Whether a Geordie or a Scouser, a Cockney or a Brummy, a Glaswegian or a Cardiffian, Brits have long held their regional identities close at heart. Rivalries between the North and the South have been known to cause conversation in relationships and the office – and now our new report reveals how Brits feel about where they're from – including what they believe makes you "from" a place, the places in the UK they'd most like to be from and which regions are the most intelligent, funny, talented and friendly.

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British vs Regional Identity

At a time of uncertainty for the nation, Brits are taking greater pride in their regional roots than they are in their British identity.

57% of Brits say they're proud to be British - one in six Brits (16%) say they're embarrassed to be from the UK and a further one in four (24%) say they're more embarrassed to be British now than they were five years ago.

One in 10 (11%) admit to lying about their nationality when travelling abroad, and almost a sixth (13%) think it's boring to be British. However, things are a lot more positive when it comes to regional identity.

Regional Pride

Regional pride is flying high as nine in 10 (87%) have declared a love of their local origins.

The regions we'd most like to be from are Yorkshire (16%), Lancashire (10%) and Cornwall (10%).

Reasons for wanting to be traced back to a particular region include the fact that the locals are friendly (22%), having friends there (20%) and liking the accent (18%). The regions we'd least like to be from are Essex (13%), Bristol (3%) and Kent (3%). Reasons given for not wanting to be traced back to a particular region including not liking the accent (29%), rude locals (22%) and locals not having a sense of humour (19%).

When it comes to what we think makes us from a particular place, Brits stated that where you're born (55%) plays a huge part, however 54% say it's where you grew up, 28% say it's where you're family live, 17% say it's down to the accent you have and 15% say it's about where you settle when you're older.

Knowledge of our Ancestry

When it comes to knowing about their past over one in 10 (12%) Brits can't trace their family tree back past their parents, and over a third (38%) can only trace it up to their grandparents.

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While Brits appear to not be too sure about their own heritage, half (49%) of Brits said they'd spend more time in a region if they knew they had a DNA connection.

Lying About our Past

Many Brits have lied about their past. Top reasons we've lied about our heritage include to make ourselves sound more interesting (15%), to try and blag a free takeaway (13%), to impress a date (13%), to get a job (12%) and to cover up beauty regimes such as fake tanning (12%).

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