This dataset details those eligible to vote in Ireland after the electorate had been greatly increased following the Great Reform Act of 1832. It contains over 52,600 names, details of occupations, addresses and entitlement criteria to vote.

The information in this dataset comes from the Report of the Select Committee on Fictitious Votes, 1837-38, which form one of the great untapped resources for the study of the Irish electorate in the 1830s.

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The Select Committee was set up in the aftermath of Daniel O'Connell's election to Parliament in 1832, when there had been widespread accusations of corruption and illegal voting. The Commissioners of Police and Magistrates throughout Ireland were charged with creating what amounted to an electoral register for those entitled to vote in Ireland between 1832 and 1837 under the terms of the Reform Act. This Electoral Registers for Ireland 1832-38 dataset comprises a computerised index of all names included in the 900 pages of appendices and indexes pages to the Select Committee Report, linked to digitised images of these pages. (The minutes of evidence given to the Select Committee on Fictitious Votes are not included.)

In Ireland during this period the electorate consisted of £10 freeholders and leaseholders (ie those owning or leasing property with an annual value of at least £10), £20 leaseholders and freeholders, £50 freeholders, plus, in towns, cities and boroughs, freemen or paid-up members of a trade guild.

The usefulness of these lists of the electorate, especially for the towns and cities in Ireland, cannot be over-emphasised. Only a handful of postal and/or street directories exists for that period for the majority of the towns and villages of Ireland, other than Dublin and Belfast, so the list of voters provided by the Select Committee greatly adds to the available material on urban residents.

The electoral lists provide the names of all those eligible to vote in rural districts of the 32 counties of Ireland, and the names, addresses and voting qualifications for those residing in the borough towns of Ireland which returned Members of Parliament, such as Sligo, Clonmel, Cashel, Dungannon, Lisburn, Enniskillen.

The most voluminous portions of the lists detail the electorate of the City of Dublin. These lists provide, street-by-street, the names, addresses and voting qualifications of Dublin's electorate. This is perhaps the most comprehensive and useful list of Dublin's residents prior to the first complete surviving Population Census for the City (1901).

The lists provide the names of all persons eligible to vote by dint of their membership of one of the trades guilds or as a freeman of the City. The Dublin list, in essence, names all the various guild members and freemen residing in the city in 1832 and in the case of the trades guilds (which include doctors, merchants and smiths, etc.) the name of the father or name of the master craftsman of each is also provided.

Also included is a list of individuals brought to the attention of the Select Committee as fictitious voters, with the evidence brought against them, together with a summary of the Select Committee's findings - which in some cases resulted in individuals being struck from the Electoral Register. In other cases those gathering evidence for the committee applauded landlords and land owners for increasing the electorate amongst the tenantry of their property.

Source Year
'Waste and Poor' Cork city 1838
£10 Householders in Cork city 1837
£10 Householders in Cork city not registered 1838
£10 Householders in Cork city struck out 1838
Aldermen, Burgess & Freemen since 1831 1837
Applications for Excise Licences 1838
Applications to be Registered 1837
Assistant and Deputy Assistant Barristers since 1833 1837
Borough of Armagh elections 1837
Borough of Carlow elections 1837
Borough of Cashel elections 1837
Borough of Clonmel elections 1837
Borough of Coleraine elections 1837
Borough of Downpatrick elections 1837
Borough of Ennis elections 1837
Borough of Portarlington elections 1837
Borough of Sligo elections 1837
Borough of Tralee elections 1837
Borough of Wexford elections 1837
City of Waterford elections 1837
Cork city elections 1837
County Cork elections 1837
County Kerry elections 1837
County Louth elections 1837
County of Clare elections 1837
County Roscommon elections 1837
County Sligo elections 1837
County Tipperary elections 1837
Excise Licences since 1832 1838
Freemen admitted since 1831 1837
Freemen admitted since 1831 1838
Freemen of the guilds or corporations of Dublin city 1837
Freemen registered in Dublin city since 1832 1832
Freemen registered in Dublin city since 1832 1837
Houses & occupiers in Clonmel 1837
Houses & occupiers in Drogheda 1837
Houses & occupiers in Dundalk 1837
Houses which return Members to serve in Parliament 1837
List of £50 freeholders in Dublin city 1837
List of Freeholders for Co. Fermanagh 1832
Londonderry city elections 1837
Names of persons etc. in 1828 1837
New list of £10 Householders Cork city 1838
New valuations of voters with unvalued property or unregistered 1832-37 1838
Non-resident freemen in Cork city in 1837 1838
Persons applyinf for or receiving excise licences for the sale of spirits since 1832 1838
Persons applyinf for or receiving excise licences for the sale of spirits since 1837 1838
Persons Registered as householders in Cork city 1830-37 1838
Persons registered as marksmen 1837
Persons registered as marksmen 1838
Queen's County elections 1837
Register of Marksmen 1837
Registered voters in unvalued property Cork city 1832-37 1838
Rentcharges registered since 1832 1837
Rentcharges registered since 1832 1838
Return of Voters for Cork city 1838
Returned "Poor" by Churchwardens or Grand Jury 1838
Town of Carrickfergus elections 1837
Town of Galway elections 1837
Voters & Excise Licences 1837
Voters and Excise licences 1837
Voters for Dublin city registered in 1832 1837
Voters for Dublin city registered in 1833 1833
Voters for Dublin city registered in 1834 1834
Voters for Dublin city registered in 1835 1835
Voters for Dublin city registered in 1836 1836
Voters in Cork city exempt from rates 1832-37 1838
Voters registered since 1832 1837