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Facts and famous people in our death records ›

6 June, 2011 by jessmoore

Following the recent launch of our improved death records search, we’ve been delving into the records to see what we can find. As well as our own ancestors, we’ve discovered records of some famous people that have passed away over the centuries. Our research also uncovered some interesting facts around which counties have the highest number of registered deaths. The… Read more ›

See Florence Nightingale in our records on the 100th anniversary of her death ›

13 August, 2010 by jessmoore

We’ve been looking into the records of the legendary Florence Nightingale to mark the centenary of her death today. Nightingale was a visionary health reformer who led the nurses during the Crimean War (1853-1856), which is mainly remembered for three things: the Charge of the Light Brigade, mismanagement in the British Army and Florence Nightingale. As well as finding out… Read more ›

April’s competition winner ›

25 May, 2010 by jessmoore

We’ve picked the winner of our April competition in which we asked you to tell us Florence Nightingale’s address and occupation as stated on the 1901 census. Congratulations go to Barbara Renshaw from Haslemere, Surrey¬†who correctly answered that Florence was living at 10 South Street, St George Hanover Square, London and was ‘living on own means’. Barbara wins a 6… Read more ›