Pre-1858 Probate Jurisdictions: Yorkshire West Riding

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Pre-1858 Probate Jurisdictions, Yorkshire West Riding

The Court of the Dean and Chapter had jurisdiction in six West Riding parishes, and this and the Chancery Court had jurisdiction in many peculiars (asterisked).

Barnoldswick (BD), 1660-1794 (very few).
Crossley, Bingley, Cottingley and Pudsey (CR), 1586-1676 (some) calendar to 1804.
Driffield* (DR), 1557-1852.
Fenton* (FE), 1528-1854.
Laughton en Ie Morthen* (LE), 1548-1857.
Marsden (MD), 1664-1855.
Mexborough and Ravenfield* (ME), wills 1662-1740, 1760-1839 (calendar).
Selby (SE), 1555-1857 (calendar from 1681); 1634- 1710.
Silsden (SI), 1588-1737, 1737-1809 (calendar).
Snaith (SN), 1568-1857 (calendar).
Temple Newsam (TN), 1612-1701.
Ulleskelf* (U), 1612-1751 (see also prebend of Wetwang).
Wadworth* (WA), 1639-1819 (see also prebend of South Cave, East Riding).
Wetwang* (WG), 1588-1850 (see also prebend of Ulleskelf).
Wistow (WI), 1558-1842.

Peculiars (and other original wills) at Leeds District Archives:

Altolts in Normanton (AL), 1622-1677.
Hunsingore (HN), 1607-1839 (MS).
Knaresborough (K), 1640-1857.
Leeds Kirkgate, 1626-1669.
Masham (MF) 1581-1857.
Warmfield with Heath (WB), 1613-1695.
Whitkirk, 1673-1773.

the Manor of Batley, 1651-1753.


The following parishes, chapelries and other places were at some or all of times outside the direct jurisdiction of the exchequer court of York. The civil division of the county into which each fell is shown by the initial letter in brackets following each name:

(A) = Ainsty of York; (E) = East Riding; (N) = North Riding; (W) = West Riding. Details of the exchequer court of York are given under ‘Yorkshire’. Details of all other jurisdictions in the county are given under the Riding sections, and places may be located on the maps of each Riding. The peculiars of the dean and chapter, and of the dean, of York each covered a number of parishes; places in these and those subject to consistory or archdeaconry courts have the following keys:

AN = Archdeaconry of Nottingham (diocese of York); CC = Consistory of Chester; CD = Consistory of Durham; DC = Peculiar of the dean and chapter of York; DY = Peculiar of the dean of York; R = Archdeaconry of Richmond, eastern deaneries (diocese of Chester); RW = Archdeaconry of Richmond, western deaneries (diocese of Chester); SLH = Peculiar of SI Leonard’s Hospital, York. The names of all other peculiars are shown in bold type and can be identified from the key letters.

The peculiars of St Leonard’s Hospital, York (SLH) and of Beverley (BG) had concurrent jurisdiction with the exchequer court over a number of parishes, ceasing by the mid 16th-century. Likewise the jurisdiction of the dean and chapter of York (DC) over a few parishes faded out, although it continued in many others. In such cases where the exchequer court had later jurisdiction, these places are included in the following alphabetical list but are not shown on the maps.

Acklam, (E), LE 36
Acomb (A), AC 46
Airmyn (W), SN 96
Aldborough (N), DC 17
Aldborough (W), DC 70
Aldbrough (in Stanwick St John) (N),AD 1
Allerston (N), DY 11
Allerthorpe (E), DY 52
Allerton and Allertonshire (N), AE 8
Allerton Mauleverer (W), R 77
Alne (N), AH 21
Altofts (W), AL 93
Ampleforth (N), AM 14
Anderby Steeple (N), R
Anston (W), LE 104
Appleton Wiske (N), R
Arkendale (W), K 76
Arkengarthdale (N), AR 4
Askham Bryan (A) AS 48
Askrigg (N), R
Asselby (E), HO 56
Austerfield (W), AN 101
Aysgarth (N), R
Balne (W), SN 96
Barlby (E), HO 56
Barlow (W), SE 90
Barmby Marsh (E), HO 56
Barmby Moor (E), DY & BA 52
Barnby (E) DY & BA 52
Barnoldswick (W), BD 81
Barton (N), R
Batley (W) BE 92
Bedale (N), R
Beeford (E), BF 43
Beilby (E), DY 52
Beningbrough (N), NO 23
Bentham (W), RW 68
Beverley (E), BG
Bielby (E), DY 52
Bilton in Ainsty (A), BI 44
Bilton in Holderness (E), BG
Bingley (W), CR 84
Bishop Wilton (E) BS 40
Blacktoft (E), HO 56
Blubberhouses (W), K 76
Blyth (W and Notts.), AN 101
Bolton (nr Pocklington) (E), BS 40
Bolton upon Swale (N), R
Castle Bolton (N), R
Boston (Spa) (W), DC 83
Bowes (N), R
Bramham (W), DC 83
Brandesburton (E), BG
Brantingham (E), HO 62
Brayton (W), SE 90
Brignall (N), R
Brompton (N), AE 8
Brotherton (W), DC 95
Bubwith (E), DC
Bugthorpe (E), BU 39
Burn (W), SE 90
Burneston (N), R & SLH
Burton Leonard (W), DC 76
Burton Pidsea (E), BG & DC 66
Carlton in Snaith (W), SN 96
Carlton Husthwaite (N), HU 16
Carnaby (E), SLH
Castley (W) K 76
Cattal (W), HS 78
Catterick (N), R
North Cave (E), SLH
South Cave (E), CA & SLH 61
Cawood (W), WI 87
Cayton (W), K 76
Chapel Ie Dale (W), RW 68
Cherry Burton (E), BG
Church Fenton (W), FE 86
Clapham (W), RW 68
Cleasby (N), R
Clint (W), K 76
Coneythorpe (W), K 76
Copgrove (W), R 73
Copmanthorpe (A), DC 49
Cottam (E) LA 34
Cottingley (W), CR 84
Coverham (N), R
Cowick (W), SN 96
East Cowton (N), R
South Cowton (N), R
Crayke (N), CD 19
Croft (N), R
Crossley (W), CR 84
Cundall (N), R 17
South Dalton (E), BG
Dalton on Tees (N), DC
Danby Wiske (N), R
Deighton (N) AE 8
Dent (W), RW 68
Dob Cross (W), CC 98
Downholme (N), R
Driffield (E), DR 38
Drypool (E), BG
Dukeswick (W), K 76
Dunnington (E) DU 51
Dunsforth (W), DC 70
Easby (N), R
Eastrington (E), HO 56
Ebberston (N), DY 11
Ellerburn (N), DY 11
Ellerker (E), HO 62
Elloughton (E), WG 63
Eryholme (N), R
Fangfoss (E), DY 41
Farnham (W), K 76
Fenton (W), FE 86
Fewston (W), K 76
Fimber (E), WG 37
Finghall (N), R
Finningley, (W and Notts) AN 101
Firbeck (W), LE 104
Forcett (N), R
Foston on the Wolds (E), BG
Fridaythorpe (E), FR & WG 37
Garsdale (W), RW 68
Gateforth (W) SE 90
Gate Helmsley (N) BG O 27
Gildingwells, (W), LE 104
Gilling (N), R
Gisburn (W), SLH
Givendale (E), DY & GI 42
Goathland (N) DY 10
Goldsborough (W), R 77
Goodmanham (E), DC
Goole (W), SN 96
Gowdall (W) SN 96
North Grimston (E), LA 33
Grindal (E) GR 32
Grinton (N), R
Hambleton (W) SE 90
Hampsthwaite (W), K76
Handsworth (W) LE 103
Hardraw (N), R
Harrogate (W), K 76
Hartwith (W) MF 71
Hauxwell (N), R
Haverah Park (W) K 76
Hawes (N), R
Haxby (N), DR & ST 25
Hayton (E) DY 52
Heath (W), WB 94
Heck (W), SN 96
Over Helmsley (N), SLH
Helperby (N), DC 18
Helperthorpe (E), DC 31
Hemingbrough (E), HO 56
Hensall (W) SN 96
Heslington (E), AM 50
Hipswell (N), R
Holme Archiepiscopi (E) HA – see Withernwick
Holtby (N), HO 29
Hook (W), SN 96
Hope (in Barningham) (N), AR 4
Hornby (N), DC 9
Hotham (E), SLH
Howden and Howdenshire (E), HO56
Hudswell (N), R
Hunsingore (W), HS 78
Husthwaite (N), HU 16
Hutton Conyers (N), R
Hutton Magna (N), R
Ingleton (W), RW 68
Kilham (E), DY 35
Killinghall (W), K 76
Kilnwick Percy (E), DY 52
Kirby Hill (N), R 17
Kirby Sigston (N). AE 8
Kirby Wiske (N), R
Kirkby Fleetham (N), R
Kirkby Malzeard (W), MF 69
Kirkby Ravensworth (N), R
Kirkby Wharfe (W), WG 85
Kirk Hammerton (W), R 77
Kirklington (N), R
Knaresborough (W), K 76
Langtoft (E), LA 34
Great Langton (N), R
Laughton-en-le-Morthen (W), LE 104
Laxton (E), HO 56
Leconfield (E), BG
Letwell (W), LE 104
Leven (E), BG
Lindley (W), K 76
Linton on Ouse (N), LI 22
Lowthorpe (E), BG
Lunds (N), R
Luttons Ambo (E), DC 31
Lydgate (W), CC 98
Manfield (N) R
Mappleton (E), MA 54
Market Weighton (E), WE 53
Marrick (N), R
Marsden (W), MD 97
Marske (N), R
Marton cum Grafton (W), R 77
Masham (N) MF 13
Meltonby (E), DY 52
Mexborough (W), MH 99
Micklefield (W), FE 86
Middleham (N), MI 12
Middlesmoor (W), MF 69
Middleton Tyas (N), R
Middleton on the Wolds (E), BG
Millington (E) DY & GI 42
Monk Fryston (W), WI 91
Muker (N), R
Murton (N), O & ST 30
North Newbald (E), NN 57
South Newbald (E), NN 57
New Forest (in Kirkby Ravensworth) (N), AR 4
Newton on Ouse (N), NO & SLH 23
Newton nr. Pickering (N), DY 10
Nidd (W), R 72
Normanton (W) – see Altofts
Northallerton (N), AE 8
Nunburnholme (E), SLH
Nun Monkton (W), R 77
Osbaldwick (N), O & ST 30
Ottringham (E), BG
Great Ouseburn (W), K 74
Little Ouseburn (W), DR 75
Ousefleet (W), SN 96
Pannal (W), K 76
Patrick Brompton (N), R
Patrington (E), BG
Pickering (N), DY 10
Pickhill (N) R & SLH
Plompton (W), K 76
Pocklington (E) DY 52
Pollington (W), SN 96
Upper Poppleton (A), DC 45
Preston in Holderness (E), PH 65
Pudsey (W), CR 88
Ravenfield (W), MH 102
Rawcliffe (W), SN 96
Reedness (W), SN 96
Great Ribston (W), HS 78
Riccall (E) RI 55
Richmond (N), R
Rigton (W), K 76
Ripley (W), R 72
Rokeby (N), R
Romaldkirk (N), R
Rossington (W), AN 101
West Rounton (N), AE 6
Routh (E), BG
Rufforth (A), SLH
Ruston (E), BG
Saddleworth (in Rochdale, Lancs) (W), CC 98
Salton (N), SA 15
Saxton (W), SLH
Scorborough (E), BG
Scruton (N), R
Sedbergh (W), RW 68
Selby (W), SE 90
Sherburn in Elmet (W), FE 86
Shipton (E) WE 53
Shiptonthorpe (E), WE 53
Sigglesthorne (E), BG
Silsden (W), SI 82
Skelton nr. York (N), AH 24
Skipwith (E), HO 56
Great Smeaton (N), R
Snaith (W), SN 96
Sockburn (N), CD 2
Spennithorpe (N), R
Stainburn (W), K 76
South Stainley (W), K 76
Stalling Busk (N), R
Startforth (N), R
Staveley (W), K & R 76
Stillington (N) SO 20
Stockton on the Forest (N), BU 26
Strensall (N), ST 25
Swindon (W), K 76
Swinefleet (W), SN 96
West Tanfield (N), R
Temple Newsam (W), TN 89
Thornton in Lonsdale (W), RW 68
Thornton on Spalding Moor (E), DY52
Thornton Steward (N), R
Thornton Watlass (N), R
Thorpe Salvin (W), LE 104
Thorpe Willoughby (W), SE 90
Throapham St. John (W), LE 104
Tollerton (N), AH 21
Topcliffe (N), DC & SLH
Tunstall (E), TU 67
Ulleskelf (W), U & WG 85
Wadworth (W) WA 100
Wales (W), LE 104
Walkington (E), BG & HO 58
Walshford (W), HS 78
Warmfield (W), WB 94
Warthill (N), WD 28
Wath (N). R
Wawne (E) LE 59
Weaverthorpe (E), DC 31
Weeton (W), K 76
Weighton (E), WE 53
Well (N), R
Welton (E) HO 64
Welwick (E), BG
Wensley (N), R
Westerdale (N), WF 5
Wetwang (E), BG & WG 37
Wharram Ie Street (E), DC 33
Whitewell (in Whalley, Lancs) (W), CC 79, 80
Whitgift (W), SN 96
Whixley (W), R 77
Wigginton (N), AH 24
Wilton (N), DY 11 see also Bishop Wilton
Wistow (W), WI 87
Withernwick (E), HA 60
East Witton (N), R
West Witton (N), R
High Worsall (N), AE 3
Wycliffe (N), R
Yapham (E), DY 52
York (A), DC 47
St. Andrew,
SI. John del Pike,
St. John Hungate,
St. John Ousebridge,
St. Lawrence, (also SLH)
St. Martin Coney Street,
St. Mary Bishophill Junior,
St. Mary Layerthorpe,
St. Maurice,
St. Michael Ie Belfry,
St. Nicholas,
St. Sampson,
St. Wilfrid)
also, SLH (All SS. North Street, and St. Giles Gillygate).