News / Records of WW1 Ships Lost at Sea added to

Records of WW1 Ships Lost at Sea added to

Details of British Royal Navy ships destroyed during the First World War can now be found online at

British ships lost at sea during WW1

The records have been published in partnership with The National Archives and can provide the following information:

  • Ship name
  • Date it was destroyed
  • Number of officers killed or wounded
  • Type of vessel
  • How and where it was destroyed

Search the WW1 Ships Lost at Sea records

Sample WW1 Ships Lost at Sea image
An example from the records

We’ve found this example in the new WW1 Ships Lost at Sea records, detailing the fate of HMS Black Prince.

The record reveals that the cruiser was destroyed on 31 May 1916 during the Battle of Jutland. We learn that 37 officers were killed.

Robert Chichester in The Devon and Exeter Gazette

By searching the British Newspapers with the keywords “Black Prince” and the year 1916, we can discover who some of these men were.

Here we’ve found a photograph of Lieutenant Robert Chichester that was published in The Devon and Exeter Gazette on 9 June 1916:

We were then able to learn more about Chichester’s Navy service by searching’s collection of military records.

The following Royal Navy Officers Medal Roll record reveals that he was awarded the 1914-15 Star, Victory and British War Medals (abbreviated as ST. V. B.).

The WW1 medals awarded to Lieutenant Robert Charles Chichester