News / Search more than 24,000 new Montgomeryshire records

Search more than 24,000 new Montgomeryshire records

19 May, 2011

We have just published 24,852 new Montgomeryshire parish baptism, marriage and burial records on

These records date back to 1574 so they will be invaluable to those trying to take their family tree back to the 16th century.

See the table below for the specifics of these records:


Type of
Number of
Parishes covered
St. Gwynog-Llanwnog, St. Nicholas-Montgomery
St. Gwynog-Llanwnog, St. Nicholas-Montgomery
St. Gwynog-Llanwnog,
St. Nicholas-Montgomery


The Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society provided with these records, in association with the Federation of Family History Societies.

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Search more than 24,000 new Montgomeryshire records on

  • Rosemary Gilbert

    Please can you help me find my missing relatives in the UK

    My gran Was Dora Gilbert and her sister was Polly Gilbert
    they had a cousin in Cornwall and her name was Rosemay Gilbert
    I am trying to find my relatives in the UK and this is all information i have

  • Edwina Sharp

    Rosemary – email me at & I’ll see what I can do.
    A little more info would help – your father’s name, your mother’s maiden name, their, where they were born etc. I assume Gilbert was your Gran’s maiden name?


  • sharon mangini

    I do not know if what I found pertains to your family, but did find a Dora Gilbert and a Mary Gilbert(Polly being a nickname for Mary) in Sithney, Cornwall in 1901. There is also a Rosemary Gilbert in Ruan Major, Cornwall in 1901. This Rosemary is considerably older than Dora and Mary. Results I found do not pertain to Montgomeryshire and is just a guess, as have no idea the birth year of your Gran. Hope this is of some help to you. I am sure you will get other responses to your query and those may steer you in the right direction if mine has not.

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