News / Over 126,000 new parish baptism and marriage records published

Over 126,000 new parish baptism and marriage records published

10 January, 2011

You can now search 126,967 new parish baptism and marriage records for Durham, Yorkshire, Cumberland, Northumberland and Westmorland on

The Northumberland & Durham Family History Society provided with these records, in association with the Federation of Family History Societies.

Further details about these records are as follows:

Type of records Number of
Counties covered Churches covered
Baptisms 16,383 1773–1959 Durham St Andrew, St Helen & St Peter
Marriages 110,584 1521–1989 Durham, Yorkshire, Cumberland, Northumberland, Westmorland St Andrew, St Helen & St Peter, St Thomas, St Steven, St Paul, Cathedral, St Ignatius, All Saints, Holy Trinity, St Aidan, St Barnabas, St Catherine, St Columba, St Cuthbert, St George, St Hilda, St James, St John, St Margaret, St Mark, St Mary, St Mary-le-Bow, St Mary South Bailey, St Nicholas, St Oswald, Venerable Bede

Search our parish records now to find your ancestors.

Search 126,967 new parish baptism and marriage records for Durham, Yorkshire, Cumberland, Northumberland and Westmorland now on

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  • Ken

    My interest is Windrush,Gloucestershire 1700. do you have anything in this area

  • Peter Townsend

    I was hoping to see a transcript of Somerford Keynes, Glos.
    It is proving elusive.

  • Paul Milner

    I wish there was an easy way of seeing which time periods were covered for which parishes. Not just a pdf file listing the names of the parishes for which something has been added. I don’t know if its one marriage, or all marriages for which period. A listing of county, parish, and specific dates covered, including any major gaps in the records. As opposed to this lucky dip see if they are there, if they are not there you don’t know what it means because you don’t know what is covered. Yes, I think this is a great resource, but it would be much better if I knew exactly what I was searching.

  • thomas

    Wholeheartedly agree with Pauls comments!

  • Anne Holloway

    Sarah Hardy marriage at St James, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England. Parents Robert Hardy & Eliza.”.
    Marriage to Thomas Williamson about 1831.
    Do you know the correct date of this marriage?
    Thank you for the opportunity to pose a question.
    Anne H

  • http://borderfamily.wordpress KjK

    I was excited to see that some records from Cumberland have been added. Let’s hope Cumberland record holders follow suit and actively participate and contribute additional records!

    Findmypast is a nice site to work with, verses sites that continually bombard you with ‘membership’ fees.

    Researching the Carr surname in Cumberland

  • Jean Winn

    Researching the Clappertonname from Belford

  • Jean Winn

    searching information from the name Clapperton Belford Northumberland

  • John Tillott

    I am searching for the name of Gorrod/Gorrad/Garrod. They were mainly born in Shimpling NORFOLK and married in St Georges in Shimpling NORFOLK. There is also a St Georges in Shimpling SUFFOLK. When St Georges in Shimpling NORFOLK was closed, all records for both Churches were taken to Norwich Archives, and yes,stored together as one archive
    there are very few records available for St Georges NORFOLK,and it is virtualy impossible to get any christning or marriage details from around 1700 to around 1870, could anybody advise please. As I live in Kent it is rather a trek to keep going to Norwich on the off chance

  • William Morris

    I am looking for William Morris, born 1782, His spouse was Jemima. I have found one family in Hertfordshire, it is not them. I do not know his nationalality.He was a preventive waterguard in Castlebellingham about 1820. He could be Irish, Welsh. Help!!

  • Josephine Runciman

    I am reserching Irvings in Cumberland anyone else looking at Thomas Irving m to Rachel Abbott

  • Young

    I am looking for the marriage of John Bowman born 1831 in Northumberland Died in 1883 at Shakespeare Street in Middlesbrough His spouse Sophia Ann Fawcett a milliner born in Richmond Yorkshire 1831 Father watchmaker. Issue six,firstborn 1863;5 girls one son James Fawcett born 1877 No trace of a marriage cert did they elope or live in sin? Any ideas please Peter Young

  • jessmoore

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