News / More than 32,000 new City of London burials published

More than 32,000 new City of London burials published

11 May, 2011

We have just published 32,220 new City of London Burial Index records on

These records will really benefit you if you’re trying to track down your London ancestors.

Further details of these records are as follows:

Number of
St Botolph, Aldersgate
1754 – 1812
St Giles, Cripplegate
1754 – 1812

John Hanson and Monnica Stevens provided with these records. Find out more about this collection in our knowledge base.

Search these records now for your London ancestors.

More than 32,000 new City of London burials published on

  • Andrew

    OK, so I clicked on Search these records for your London ancestors and all it came up with were deaths in Sydney Australia, nothing in London at all!

  • Peter

    Andrew, did you select London?

  • Peter

    I looked for Frederick John Turner SMITH

    Date of burial: 25 June 1851

    Place of burial: Tower Hamlets

    Age at death: 16

  • Jeannie

    I am in Australia and just put the surname in and got my London Ancestors with no trouble. Did you click on the correct link? I put in your name and here he is on the second page:
    SMITH Frederick John Turner 1851 1835 London
    so worth you trying again. I put no dates in at all just his name.

  • Frances Healey nee Eley

    still trying to trace some eley living in tottenham edmonton or enfield aera please contact me trying to tie up loose ends and to contact other eley’s or ely

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