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Fantastic new subscription prices on

25 August, 2011

Best value in history

At, we’re committed to offering you the best possible value when researching your family tree. That’s why we’ve just reduced the prices of our most popular subscriptions, Full and Foundation.

As an example of the significant amount of money you’ll save, our 12 month Full subscription used to cost you £129.95. With our new prices, you will now pay just £109.95.

For those of you with Explorer and 1911 census subscriptions, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to upgrade to a Full or Foundation subscription at the new reduced prices and enjoy access to more records for less money.

Remember that when you choose a Full subscription, the thousands of new records we add to each month will automatically be included in your subscription.

As before, our existing customers will still pay even lower prices when they renew, thanks to our loyalty discount.

See our reduced prices now

  • Elaine Wareham

    It’s good to see a reduction in costs but why has the loyalty discount been reduced from 20% to 10%?

    • jessmoore

      Hi Elaine,

      Achieving our reduced prices meant we had to change our loyalty discount from 20% to 10%. It’s really important to us to reward our loyal customers (you won’t find a similar discount on other sites!), which is why we were adamant we had to keep the loyalty discount!

      With the reduced price of our subscriptions, you’ll still pay less overall when you renew.

      Hope this helps!

      Jess ( web editor)

      • Andrea

        Actually, loyalty discounts are provided on a number of genealogy websites, (I belong to several) and some of them are up to 25%.

        Reducing a loyalty discount in order to give new customers a lower price indicates that keeping the “loyal” person, who may have been a member over a number of years, is less important than attracting new members.

  • Tim Darch

    I still say it should include the basic messaging features on your other sites,such as GeneReunited!

  • Elaine Wareham

    Do you not feel that you should honour your statement in your blog of September 2009 for anyone who signed up for continuous membership at that time.

    Quote: “We’ve also added a new ‘continuous membership’ option for subscribers who don’t want the hassle of making a manual payment each time they renew their membership, and to guarantee you get your 20% loyalty discount.”

    Quote: “If you enable continuous membership on your subscription:
    You’ll never miss a payment, and will always get your 20% loyalty discount.”

    Your card details will be stored securely by our online payment provider, DataCash.
    You can turn continuous membership off (and, indeed, back on again) at any time through ‘my account’.
    We’ll contact you by email shortly before your payment is due. If you decide you don’t want to renew, you can easily cancel continuous membership through the ‘my subscription’ page within ‘my account’.

    • Elaine Wareham

      apologies – duplicated post. please delete!

  • Elaine Wareham

    Do you not feel that you should honour your statement in your blog of September 2009 for anyone who signed up for continuous membership at that time.

    Quote: “We’ve also added a new ‘continuous membership’ option for subscribers who don’t want the hassle of making a manual payment each time they renew their membership, and to guarantee you get your 20% loyalty discount.”

    Quote: “If you enable continuous membership on your subscription:
    You’ll never miss a payment, and will always get your 20% loyalty discount.”

  • iantester

    @Elaine: given the massive price reduction we’ve just made to the prices of our most popular packages, we couldn’t continue with such a large discount. The statement in 2009 guaranteed your loyalty discount when you sign up using continuous membership. That commitment remains in place. However, as with prices, the level of loyalty discount was not something that was guaranteed to remain at the same rate. However, you’ll notice that for customers who are renewing and buying these two packages that the total renewal price (including the 10% loyalty discount) is less than the old renewal price (with the 20% discount). So pound for pound, subscribers are getting even better value.

    • Elaine Wareham

      Thanks Ian. It’s good news the prices have gone down, which benefits all. However, if we continue to see discount offers for FMP on other websites/magazines (generally 10%) then in my opinion there is not a lot of incentive to keep continuous membership going.

  • Tracey

    It’s still too expensive if you go for long periods without doing any research, as I do. I can’t imagine taking out a subscription in the future unless you give the option of a monthly membership, as Ancestry do.

  • iantester

    @Tracey: we are looking at options for this, as it comes up frequently in our customer research and when we meet customers in person. Rest assured we’re looking at it (but of course it never hurts to give us a reminding nudge);-)

    • mark field

      A little nudge/reminder, any more thoughts on montlhy subs? I notice another site does this. I appreciate it would cost a little bit more to pay monthly, but I bet more would subscribe if they could use your site on a monthly basis, e.g. over the winter months, please think about this, it can’t be hard to organise, if other sites can do I am sure you can


      • jessmoore

        Hi Mark,

        Thanks for your comment. A monthly subscription is definitely something we’re considering – we’ll give you more of an update as soon as we can.

        Many thanks,

        Jess ( digital content manager)

        • mark

          Thanks for reply, I am sure I asked the same question a few years ago and I am afraid I believe I got the same answer.

          Please this year offer a monthly subscription, I have used one on “another” site and it works well. I am sure it is in your ability to offer it.

          waiting as all ways with baited breath. I would like to know what other uses think of a monthly subs


  • Paul Clarke

    When I renewed it clearly stated “Continuous membership gives you uninterrupted subscription access, and means you ’ll always get your 20% loyalty discount.” “ALWAYS” means just that and applies to the 20%! So, you were selling me a subscription under false pretences, which is illegal. Either give us our 20% or give us our money back for selling something illegally!!!!

  • Andy Sutton

    Well this is a new one on me, complaining about the price going down. If it annoys you that much then maybe they’ll let you pay the old price instead.

  • Paul Clarke

    Excuse me, Andy, but 20% off the new price of £109.95 should be £87.96, not the £98.95 existing customers are being offered! If they’d wanted to do it correctly they should’ve put the price up to £123.69 and then given all new customers a “special offer discount” of £13.74. As it is, they say they’re looking after the “loyalty” of their existing customers, but aren’t really and what’s more they’re doing it illegally! And, of course, now they’re saying “you’ll always get your 10% loyalty discount” – oh, yes, and you’ll believe that!! Who are you kidding!

  • Eve

    Please tell me why my credits should expire if I don’t get the chance to use them in time? I cannot always spare the time to do my research or the money to take out a subscription, and over the years have lost a lot of credits. Surely, if you buy credits they should be there to use as and when we ( the customers) require them? Other than that little gripe, it’s always been a very good site, and the improvements will only help.

  • Linda

    I have just received various emails advertising the new reduced subscription offer. I notice this does not apply to the 1911 only subscription, which is what I have currently . Also, on checking, as several people have noted above, my loyalty discount has been reduced. To renew my 1911 subscription in October this year FMP want to charge me £53.95.

    Their aim is, I suggest, to make the Full and Foundation subscription prices more tempting by bringing the prices closer together with a view to phasing out the 1911 subscription altogether now that Ancestry and others have access. It hasn’t worked … I HAVE an Ancestry subscription and will NOT be renewing or upgrading my FMP one.

  • Geoff

    Not only are they ripping users off by changing their subscription rates to suit themselves, the new site they are forcing everyone to use does not even work correctly. If you search the outward passenger list (1890-1960) and get more than one page of results, you cannot select those other pages! You can click on them as many times as you like, but nothing will happen. I have been told that their “Technical Team” has been working on this as a matter of urgency. But this is basic testing procedure – didn’t anyone bother to check the other pages in a search result before the new site went live? And they want us to pay for a sub-standard service! Where is their “Loyalty” to their users, eh?

  • iantester

    @Geoff: just to let you know that the problem with the Passenger Lists is fixed as of 7am this morning: apologies for the bug, these things do happen from time to time as with all websites and as soon as we know of any problems, we aim to fix them as fast as we can. We have robust testing procedures, but the site is extremely complex so occasionally errors do slip through, for which we can only apologise.

    In terms of “ripping people off”, we have reduced the subscription prices of our two most popular packages substantially: this is not something we undertook lightly and was squarely aimed at making our key subscriptions much better value for our members.

    • http://findmypast Jean Hall

      Ref:Pay as you go Credits. Why do credits have to be used up within a certain timescale?

  • iantester

    @Eve: sorry to hear you didn’t manage to use your credits in time. With credits, our validity periods are significantly more generous than many of our competitors, many of whom only offer 14 days (or less) to use PayAsYouGo credits. We also send you reminder emails before they expire to remind you to use them up. It isn’t a perfect system, but we do try to be more generous than most and to remind you before they expire so you don’t lose out.

  • liz

    If you go through a cashback site like Quidco, of which I’m already a member , and so have paid the annual fee, you get 15% cashback which makes a new subscription cheaper than a loyalty one

  • Judy Ayres

    I pay my subscription, but have been blocked from the site as my correct login details are not being recognised. That’s not good value for money. I hope it gets sorted fast!

  • mike hotson

    Your prices seem obscure to me! looking to join AFTER I know how much the cost will be, its simple, just put it in plain language. Is it weekly, monthly or over a hundred pounds up front (that is a none starter) keep it simple, what’s the problem with that ?