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Introducing the Foundation subscription package

5 October, 2010

To make sure we’re giving you the best possible service, we’ve developed a new subscription package which will provide the perfect basis for your research: the Foundation package.

The Foundation package will replace our Explorer subscription for new subscribers.

What does the Foundation package include?

The Foundation package will give you access to the fundamental records you need to take your family tree back to Victorian times and beyond:

Find out more about all our subscription packages here.

What if I have an Explorer subscription?

Any of you out there with a current Explorer subscription will still be able to renew this subscription from 90 days before it expires. We’ll still add any new records we publish to your Explorer subscription. subscription options subscription options

  • Matthew Fletcher

    That seems like a pretty hefty price rise. I was going to get a six-month explorer subscription for Christmas as it would have been nice to look through the parish records, but it would now cost almost double.


  • Jo-Ann

    How about the option of paying monthly rather than all at once. I’m on a small fixed income so cannot afford one big lump sum like that.

  • Matthew Fletcher

    I found the old price list in Google’s cache. I have already found all my ancestors in the 1911 census by buying credits from your site before there even was a subscription model for 1911.

    So for me, the cost of accessing the parish records for six months has gone from £54.95 to £94.95. It’s such a shame, and will force me to reconsider which provider I’m best going with.

  • Charani

    I’ll also be thinking long and hard in the next couple of weeks as to whether I can still afford a full FMP subscription. I use the site a lot and find the transcriptions more accurate than others but when you’re on a restricted income, there’s a limit to what leisure expenses can be justified, especially in a period of austerity such as we are in currently.

  • graham headon

    Fiantly recall an item about parish records being available at a site ‘find my past’ How do I use the site? what is the cost? how do we navigate the site? NOT VERY USER Friendly? I thought by the article on spotlight that this site was going to revalutionise family record searching!
    Graham Headon.

  • iantester

    @graham headon: Hello Graham, you can find our parish record collection here and a guide to using them here:

    Hope you find something you’ve been looking for.

  • nancy towle

    How about a 1 month, or 6 month subscription? Do you think you will ever have a senior price for those of us on limited income? The site is great but will become useless if many cannot afford it.

  • John Yeates

    I am fortunate to have purchased my years subscription before the price hike. I wouldn’t have joined at the new cost – far too much.
    I shall go elsewhere next year.
    Also I have found a lot of transcription errors, I have only reported two or three.

  • Eileen

    I could not justify the expense of another year’s subscription despite liking much of the site. I was offered a renewal price of £119 and that was after 20% discount. My husband and I have lived on pensions for a number of years now and our utility bills are much more important.
    Shame but that’s how it is.

  • Ian Tresman

    There’s a recession on. A full six month subscription is £95, the equivalent of £15/month, £3.70/week, or 52p a day.

    So give me 24 hours FULL ACCESS for £2.50, a long weekend (Friday Night to Sunday midnight) for £5, and I’ll jump at the chance. That’s the equivalent of £450 per 6 months.

    If the weekends are peak time, then offer it during the week. It’s not difficult to offer an economical subscription at a price that we can all afford, and which earns the company far more than their existing subscriptions.

    • Janet Ashby

      I was going to have a subscription for my Xmas present but certainly not now. What a good idea of Ian to suggest 24 hrs full access or a long weekend at those prices-its not too bad like that. I don’t want to be on it 24/52. Please think about this or I’m afraid you will lose a lot of followers.

    • andrew wood

      super suggestion

  • http://Foundation/Full Julia

    Too expensive.
    Just doing the cheaper option but may go Ancestry.
    Do not like the other changes either – too many errors.

  • Marilyn

    So sorry, lost me too even though the Ozzie dollar is very strong just not justifiable at the moment.

  • brian

    Well; it looks like goodbye Find my Past

  • Leon

    Hi I am sorry I will not be able to renew the full subscription this year.
    I have been enjoying access to many of the parish registers and 1911, but I find the Census images far harder to read than I would like and the price now makes it too expensive for we Australians; which comes out over $200.00AUD. For us on a pension of $350 a fortnight, it becomes too difficult.

  • Bri Bailey

    Get real “find my past” We are having to pay for our deceitful disgusting politicians lining their future with the EU by paying billions to an unelected organisation which cannot be accounted for or even audited. Surely you have someone in your finance department that has a knowledge of what is going on in the real world, I am disgusted and will not rejoin

  • B Mosley

    I also will think hard about renewing, the price is very steep, you must be aware that many of your customers are only on a pension and not able to afford the new cost.

  • http://findmypast susan

    just wondering if FMP has hiked the price so much because the company need to recoup the cost of all the TV advertising. I’ll renew this time but may not renew next year

  • Jill

    Having used fmp briefly in the past,I’d decided to defer buying a subscription until the winter months when I could spend more time researching. Obviously I’ve left it too late, and as a pensioner I can’t afford the increased price. Shame!! Looks like I’ll be spending more time at the local library on Ancestry – perhaps it’s time you considered offering the same facility.

  • Marion Biddle

    As a pensioner, I agree with all the above comments. I don’t know what your costs are of course, but I do know that I can’t justify spending that amount of money on a hobby, much as I’d like to. You have to take into consideration the number of pensioners doing research compared to the general population.

  • http://findmypast Andrea

    I fully agree with the comments of Marion Biddle that as a pensioner, I agree with all the above comments. I don’t know what your costs are of course, but I do know that I can’t justify spending that amount of money on a hobby, much as I’d like to. You have to take into consideration the number of pensioners doing research compared to the general population. I have subscribed to findmypast for many years as it was good value for money but I am unable to renew with this price increase. 1911 census should be given free to the loyal members of findmypast. I have not renewed………

  • http://findmypast linda

    i have been a member since 1837 online started years ago and again due to rising costs of household bills have only taken on the 1911 census this year and not the full subscription, i think that with all the people researching their family trees if you dropped the costs to a manageable price for everyone you would get more money and a lot more people would be happy and you wouldnt have comments like this being posted, come on make people use and remember you for the good value for money site i remember!! and not a bad taste for being very expensive.

  • Gerry

    I agree with alot of the comments that the price hike is realy realy unfounded and quite obscene in these times when people are struggling to make ends meet and I agree with the suggestion of a monthly subscription would help alot of people

  • Penny

    I must admit that I was shocked to discover that it would cost me £119 to renew and that this included price a 20% discount. And that the Explorer package which included the parish records (to me the most valuable records on this site)had disappeared. Have cancelled.

  • Sandra

    I have to agree with everyone – the price hike is pretty high. In the past my yearly explorer subscription was approx £71.00 which has jumped to £74.95 for SIX months (full – which includes 1911 census). I too will reconsider renewal in 6 months time. Retired, on a budget, just too expensive. Shame to have to give up something you really enjoy but in these hard times, it has to be done. I too have been a member for years but will go elsewhere. As more and more people do their family research, you would think the prices would go down, not up, due to more people subscribing. You will loose members if prices go up so drastically.

  • M Head

    Thankfully I have done most of my main tree, but there is always another branch to investigate. I help a friend in USA with her tree and she with mine. I use Findmypast and she uses Ancestry. Best of both worlds. I suggest everyone gets a friend to share the costs.

  • Patricia

    If I did not receive the loyalty discount at this time I also would not be renewing. I live in Canada and have to do most of my research on line. I can not understand a jump of 40 pounds for a year and will also be retiring soon and hope to have more time for research but not at these prices. I hope you listen to the pensioners out there and may be offer a special Seniors subcription or a monthly payment scheme.

  • Stuart

    Like Mr Fletcher, I was just about to buy a 6 month Explorer sub, as my PAYG credits were running out, only to find that with re-organisation, costs have almost doubled.
    It’s ironic how businesses are constantly trying to convince customers that when they change things it’s for the better, when they’re clearly not! FMP is good, but getting greedy and needs to re-assess this latest move; the old arrangement was FAR more flexible and workable for its customers.
    Jo-Ann’s idea of a monthly sub is a good idea, as is the ‘sharing’ idea from M. Head.

  • Keith

    Dear Mr Murdock,
    Well done.
    You and your lad have already generated millions from control of the world’s media.
    Now you have cornered this market too, and I look forward with bated breath to the inevitable reports of your prosperity on the backs of us poor peasants.
    No one but you could have sneaked in a knockout blow such as this increase, so don’t hide your identity any longer.
    Come on out with it man. It’s you who “FIXED” this gold mine, wasn’t it?

  • http://FMP Heather

    Very disapointed with price rise – have renewed for 6 months but will
    be retiring next year and will probabley not be able to renew then

  • Lesley

    As one of the many without any english ancestors, I would love it if you’d break the subscription down to per item. The only thing on your list I’d be interested enough in to take out a subscriiption would be the military records, and I see no point in buying access to databases that I won’t use more than a few times.

  • Michael

    I was away so did not see the increase so it got paid. I never thought the site would increase by so much, very poor show on your part, let us hope you can find a way to give back a bit on the site workings.

  • http://Firefox Susan Bennett

    Thank god I had renewed my subscription before all of this was published. I have really enjoyed using FIND MY PAST but will now have to rethink my allegiance for next year and seek a cheaper option. I live in Australia and find it expensive enough as it is without this price hike.

  • Lynne

    I am confused.
    I have just read the October newsletter and am a holder of a current Explorer subscription package.
    Your information states: There will be 2 new packages – Full & Foundation.
    The Foundation package will replace our Explorer subscription for new subscribers.
    What if I have an Explorer subscription?
    Any of you out there with a current Explorer subscription will still be able to renew this subscription from 90 days before it expires. We’ll still add any new records we publish to your Explorer subscription.
    Yet, according to your website only holders of the FULL package will have access to ALL records. Could you explain this to me please?

  • John McWilliam

    Coming from Scotland much of my research has to be done through at least two providers, Scotlands People and Find My Past. As an OAP I find this difficult to afford. There should be more cooperation between providers in order to offer the public better deals

  • Judi Exton

    I wondered why I got an early email telling me I would get a discount when I renewed my sub. as I have been a member for quite a few years and have previously received the discount. Now I know!!!
    After thinking long and hard whether to renew my sub. I know now that I wont be. I shall miss your excellent site very much, I have found heaps of information in records no-one has; however we are also pensioners like many of your clients; with our low (NZ) exchange rate, and the increased costs of everything, we simply cannot afford it.
    The increase seems exhorbitant, and I suspect you will lose a lot of subscribers. Would it not be better to charge less and retain clients? Please think about giving pensioners a discount. Judi.

    • Uzra

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  • http://FindMyPast Caroline

    Prices seem very high. As each year goes on and more of the family tree is discovered it beomes harder to justify a subscription membership. Why not have a life time membership at a reasonable cost.



  • andrew wood

    Even though we are in a period of (government) austerity sold to us on very dubious grounds. Everyone forgot the banks? When they are eventually re-sold there will be bags of dosh for Osbourne to bribe British amnesiacs.

    Actually (wishful thinking) I think it should be everyone’s right to know about their family history… of charge! Wow, there’s a challenge.


    I AGREE Andrew free family info would be & should be free.

  • Lou Armstrong

    I cannot understand why you dont have monthly subscriptions – I get the 1911 Census from you and for £12.95 I get the rest from Ancestry.

  • Sharon Brown

    I currently have an Explorer Annual subscription. How long will this be kept and will all the new releases be available under this? If this is not the case I will certainly not be renewing my subscription at the end of this month.

  • Mick Smith

    My discouted subscription is due at the end of the month, I agree with most of the previous comments, it is expensive and I can’t understand why it has gone up so much, I’m sure I only paid £85.00 last time, comments from would be gratefully appreciated.

  • Michael

    A Cynical attitude that pensioners all have plenty of money is what
    prevails here.

  • Lawrence Finn

    Have to say that unless you start offering shorter memberships which are affordable (and though I’m no where near the pension age) a pensioner discount I suspect you may have just moved your selves out of the affordable range for serious dabblers and hobbyists… Of course people will adjust and eventually the fees may even seem reasonable (after all there was a time in germany when you had to have ten million marks to buy a loaf of bread) however…

  • Roy

    Have used Pay as You go and thought of taking out a subscription now I am short of credits but cannot afford it. Must investigate other sources.

  • Stuart Bainbridge

    Having recently terminated my subscription to another provider I was about to turn to Find My Past.But, the new Foundation subscription seems very expensive for the limited type of records it gives access to. Its seems that as genealogy companies vie to widen their range of records it is the the basic user who is being required to fund these services through hugely increased subscriptions. As I have little use for military, emigration or other specialised sources I would prefer a subscription which more closely matched my limited use.
    The cost of TV frequent advertising couldn’t be a factor as well could it?

  • john silcock

    your subscription charges are day light robbery and makes Dick Turpin look like a Saint
    Do your Census Records cover Scotland as the English census would not be of any use to me

  • http://Findmypast Gillian Cullwick

    In October 2009 I paid £54.95 for a 6 month explorer package, ideal for winter evenings searching for my ancestors. I was just about to do the same this year but find that the Explorer package is no more and the equivalent is now nearly £95! Please can you explain how you can justify this huge increase. It seems likely that you are going to lose a lot of regular customers who can no longer afford these very inflated prices. I bet whoever came up with this scheme takes home a good wage packet!

  • Cathy

    I too was considering an Explorer package during the winter but don’t find the Foundation package useful as I already have Ancestry. Now my only choice is credits or a Full Subscription. Guess I’ll take a pass. Too bad. I have to ask…since you send out newsletters, was there any advance notice of the price hike? If so I didn’t see it. If we’d known, you would have had increased business at the old rates instead of mass cancellations and loss of new business. I agree with other users that a monthly or even weekly subscription would work, even if at the current rate, because most folk can afford the rate for a short period. Though like the Australian & NZ users, the cost is pretty steep in Canadian funds, even with a fulltime job (and remember that really cuts into my user time!)

  • Anne Turnbull

    Like Stuart, I, too, have terminated my subscription to another provider and was looking at subscribing to FMP – but the cost is prohibitive. I will need to look elsewhere.

  • ECG

    I agree that a monthly subscription would be very good. I was considering a six monthly subcription as my credits are running out but cannot justify £90+ for this. Also that the monthly subscription is as you want it i.e. subscribe for November but if you know you can’t afford the time or cost for December not take out the monthly subscription for that month and then pay for each month as required. I also wondered why I was offered a discount to renew early, I’m glad now that I dithered and “missed” the offer.

  • Ian Howell

    I cannot read the details on your offer. The typeface is broken up and distorted. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Arthur Smith

    I think like most of the other comments i to will be giving it a miss,
    Prices are too high.

  • Diane Smith

    If your prices were lower you would get more customers, it only makes sense! £3 a week is too high for most people, as they are not always available and sometimes have to leave their ‘hunt’ until another day. Time goes by very quickly.

  • Steve Bray

    You say it provides “address search across all the censuses”. That would be really useful, if only it were true. You actually have to do an “address search across one census” and then repeat it for each census individually.

    Also, the “search all of our family history records” does not allow you to specify, say, a county at the top level. Again, you have to go into each set of search results indiviually and select the county filter each time.

  • Teresa Green

    A monthly subscription at a sensible price would I am sure bring in more income over 12 months. I for one agree that if yu knowyouare going to be away for most a month youcan miss that month out. Afterall it is not the full 1911 census many pages are missing.

  • Y. Cooper

    I am not happy with the new packages. I no longer need the 1911 census and I would prefer the full package without the 1911 included at hopefully a sensible price. I have subscribed to the explorer package without the 1911 census and was happy with that, now I will consider not renewing at these prices.

  • Rosie

    You have a wonderful site here, and I would love to use it. If you had no-strings monthly subscriptions I would certainly sign on, probably for several months a year. As it is, you are likely to lose any money that I could spend. Sadly, I simply cannot afford you! There must be many other people in the same position. Especially people like me who are pensioners. I do realise that you need to get a return on all the work you have put in, as you are not a charity, but it is so frustrating!

  • Terry Rushent

    It appears that the foundation subscription is at a lower level than the explorer susbcription which seems to have been elevated to “Full Subscription” with a massive increase in cost (around £29 per annum). It will make me think twice when it comes to renewal time.

  • Mark Taylor

    I’m sure there are genealogists out there who only want to look up one set of records eg, all UK BMD, or all Australia/NZ entries. However, most of us find that as our tree grows we need access to the broadest possible range of records to search. While your “full subscription” seems to fill this bill, I was dismayed to see that all Australia/NZ records cannot be accessed here – instead, one must subscribe to a “sister” site specialising in this area. This is not helpful – please make ALL records available in a full subscription, and price the subsets reasonably so that people looking for specialist details can do so without being hit too hard in the hip pocket.

  • http://findmypast Pam Hall

    Sorry, but your subscription page is very hazy!!

  • m white

    I find the site very good, but as many of the other comments prices are far to high.

  • D. Cousin

    I recently cancelled my explorer subscripion not because I wanted to but as I am a pensioner I can no longer afford it. This is a shame as I still have some research to do. However I think the site is excellent and I would use it again if if I could.

  • iantester

    @All – thanks for your comments. We are very conscious from recent research, and from talking to you, that many people are working to (tight) fixed budgets, especially in times of low interest rates, high tax and other squeezes. We also understand that pensions don’t go as far as they used to, especially with the seemingly constant increase in utility and other bills. The release of the Foundation subscription is the first of a number of changes we will be making to subscriptions over the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled for developments.

    Do remember that we are unique among family history websites in offering our customers a 20% discount on renewal and will continue to do so – we prefer to reward existing customers for staying with us rather than offering huge incentives to new customers, as many businesses do.

    For customers in Australia & New Zealand, we will soon make significantly more records and features available via our Australian site, with the added benefit of pricing and billing in Australian dollars, which should partly mitigate the effect of exchange rates for you.

    Finally, for those that are currently Explorer customers, you can continue to renew your Explorer package for the time being, at the great price of £72 – that is the old price of £89.95 for 12 months with your 20% loyalty discount applied.

    Rest assured that we do understand the need to keep family history affordable and are looking at a range of options to do this beyond simply offering PayAsYouGo credits – you will see the benefits of this in the coming months, but it does take time to plan and roll out improvements.

  • lidbetter

    introduce a monthly sub
    keep price lower than at present
    remember how Mr Tesco made his fortune PILE IT HIGH & SELL IT CHEAP

  • Jan

    Prices are too high!
    Some of us have been researching for a long time and only need something we can access now and again.

  • http://findmypast Jan

    Prices are too high!!!

  • Beryl

    I joined the site 2 months ago, taking out a full year’s subscription.
    This has probably saved me hundreds of pounds, as I have found relatives I did not know I had who are still alive and entitled to inherit from my cousin’s estate who died without leaving a will.

    My solicitor had suggested that he would have to employ an agent to trace these missing people but I have found them through your site and still have another 10 months to continue with my own family tree which had come to a standstill. Good value indeed!

  • Patricia Smith

    Hopeless – I am more than happy with my Explorer package and want to renew it. I read that I can do so but despite having been back and forward over all package information, I cannot find a simple form stating Explorer cost and details to fill in for renewal. I am not interested in 1911 census – all my families had well and truly left the UK before this date – and can find no point in including this in any subscription.

  •,uk S Moore

    I too as a pensioner have had to sadly admit that the charge is too much to justify. I suppose that for my year subscription I had around 30 – 40 hours on the site, many of them searching bmd pages. I would like to be able to purchase a month when I want it so hope that will eventually be an option.

  • Meg Williams

    I also cannot read your offers, typeface still broken up and distorted

  • Sandra White

    Why no monthly subscriptions? Most people cannot afford to pay a large amount every six months or annually

  • mark

    Any chance of a monthly subs for a year/6months, I know it will cost more but I think a lot of people will take it up


  • john hair

    No scottish census or other Scottish records, WW1 enlisted soldiers


    Prices are much too high.

  • Grazia

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  • http://FindMyPast Jo

    I agree with the others, the prices are way too high and the Foundatation membership I subscribed to has been useless to me. I have wasted my precious money and refuse to pay the high cost of the other packages.

  • Pamela

    Your Secret Santa did a fnstaatic job of making everything special – even just opening the box! Wonderful collection of frogs :)