News / Fully name searchable marriage records 1837-2005 on

Fully name searchable marriage records 1837-2005 on

You can now search fully name indexed marriage records on

We have developed what we think is the easiest and fastest marriage search anywhere online. Use MarriageFinderTM to find your ancestors’ marriages.

How does MarriageFinderTM work?

MarriageFinderTM is a very clever search facility which enables you to find a marriage by searching just once, not twice. Now, not only can you perform just one search, MarriageFinderTM will actually match up your ancestors’ records, providing you with one definite marriage match, or a list of possible matches.

When you receive a definite spouse match, we will also provide you with the volume number and page number for both spouses’ records. These are essential when ordering marriage certificates.

Search across all years is the only place you can search the 1837-2005 marriage records all in one go – you now do not need to enter a quarter and date range. To be able to search all years simultaneously is a major breakthrough in marriage searching, especially in cases when the marriage occurred earlier or later than you expected it to. Our vastly improved search will save you so much time and effort.

To demonstrate how powerful the search is, we searched for ‘John Smith’ with ‘Jane Jones’ as his spouse across all counties and years. Even with these extremely common names, MarriageFinderTM found all the potential spouse combinations.

Solve those marriage mysteries

MarriageFinderTM also means the end of mystery marriages. If you only know one partner’s name, search for their details and MarriageFinderTM will find all the possible matches. You can then view a record to check it is your ancestor. Alternatively, if you know the first or last name of the spouse, enter this information in your search to get an even more accurate list of spouse matches.

MarriageFinderTM makes it highly likely you will be able to find previously elusive marriages. If you have already searched for your ancestors’ marriages without success, try searching again – we are confident we can find your missing marriages.

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