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Fully indexed birth records now on

We’re very happy to announce that you can now search fully indexed birth records for 1837 to 2006 on

Fully indexing the birth records involved rescanning 170 years of records and transcribing the quarter of a billion names within them. Over 1,000 people have worked on this two-year project.

These records are now the easiest to search complete birth records available anywhere online. The following are some of the benefits of the fully indexed birth records:

  • Your search results will be in the form of a list of individual names, so you won’t have to check through pages of records to find your ancestors
  • There is a complete 1837-2006 set of records
  • The images of the index pages are completely new and very high quality
  • We’ve added smart search features including name variants, and highlighting of unnamed children (very common in the Victorian period)
  • There are clever search results to get around the quirks of the records, including the GRO’s procedure of initialising second names
  • You can now search by mother’s and father’s name at the same time to help find those elusive births

If you haven’t had success finding an ancestor’s birth record previously, it’s definitely worth trying again using our fully indexed birth records – start searching them now.

Next on the list is a project to fully index the marriage and death records which we expect to complete by the end of the year.