News / Chelsea Pensioners 1760-1854 just launched

Chelsea Pensioners 1760-1854 just launched

We’ve just added 184,650 records and 1,003,794 images to our Chelsea Pensioners collection for the period 1760-1854.

This brings the total amount of Chelsea Pensioner records and images on to 691,520 records and 4,200,729 images.

These records are of men pensioned out of the British Army 1760-1913. The connection with ‘Chelsea Pensioners’ is that the pensions were administered through The Royal Hospital at Chelsea.

Remember that these records are free to search, like all the records on Even if you don’t think that any of your ancestors could have been Chelsea Pensioners, give searching the records a go – your ancestor may have only served in the army for a short time before they were pensioned out.

When you’ve viewed these records you’ll realise how special they are. They help you to build up a picture of your ancestor as they contain detailed descriptions of a soldier’s physical appearance and any distinguishing features, such as tattoos or scars. The records are the next best thing to looking at a photograph of your ancestor; there are usually six or seven records for each soldier.

We’re working in association with The National Archives and in partnership with FamilySearch on this ongoing project. Here’s a full breakdown of which records we’ve already published on the site and which are still to come:

Date range Approx no.
of records
Approx no.
of images
When available
WO97 1760-1854 184,650 1,003,794 Now
WO97 1855-1872 96,434 437,825 Now
WO97 1873-1882 97,515 540,423 Now
WO97 1883-1900 312,921 2,218,687 Now
WO97 1901-1913 303,000 2.1 million Sept 2010
WO96 1806-1915 500,000 3.5 million Sept 2011

We’ll be releasing records for 1900-1913 shortly.

Search for your ancestors now in our Chelsea Pensioner records.